Beer coasters

New coasters (beer mats)

  • Brewery Northwinds


    Beer coaster northwinds-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Side%20Launch


    Beer coaster side-launch-2-small.jpg
  • Brewery Side%20Launch


    Beer coaster side-launch-3-small.jpg
  • Brewery Creemore%20Springs


    Beer coaster creemore-springs-17-small.jpg
  • Brewery Farnham


    Beer coaster farnham-ale-lager-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Wellington


    Beer coaster wellington-15-small.jpg
  • Brewery Oland


    Beer coaster oland-41-small.jpg
  • Brewery Le%20Saint-Bock


    Beer coaster le-saint-bock-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Exchange


    Beer coaster exchange-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Exchange


    Beer coaster exchange-2-small.jpg
  • Brewery Exchange


    Beer coaster exchange-3-small.jpg
  • Brewery Exchange


    Beer coaster exchange-4-small.jpg
  • Brewery Camerons%20Brewing%20Company


    Beer coaster camerons-brewing-company-4-small.jpg
  • Brewery Les%20Trois%20Mousquetaires


    Beer coaster les-trois-mousquetaires-9-oboje-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steam%20Whistle


    Beer coaster steam-whistle-16-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steam%20Whistle


    Beer coaster steam-whistle-17-small.jpg
  • Brewery Double%20Trouble


    Beer coaster double-trouble-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Triple%20Bogey


    Beer coaster triple-bogey-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Junction%20Craft


    Beer coaster junction-craft-2-small.jpg
  • Brewery Louis%20Cifer%20Brew%20Works


    Beer coaster louis-cifer-brew-works-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Amsterdam%20Brewing%20Company


    Beer coaster amsterdam-13-small.jpg
  • Brewery Amsterdam%20Brewing%20Company


    Beer coaster amsterdam-14-small.jpg
  • Brewery Okanagan%20Spring


    Beer coaster okanagan-spring-12-small.jpg
  • Brewery Innocente


    Beer coaster innocente-1-small.jpg
  • Brewery Echo


    Beer coaster echo-6-small.jpg
  • Brewery Pansky%20pivovar%20Bojnice


    Beer coaster pansky-pivovar-bojnice-2-small.jpg
  • Brewery Zil%20Verne


    Beer coaster zil-verne-3-oboje-small.jpg
  • Brewery Sandorf


    Beer coaster sandorf-7-small.jpg
  • Brewery Stupavar


    Beer coaster stupavar-4-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steiger


    Beer coaster steiger-45-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steiger


    Beer coaster steiger-46-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steiger


    Beer coaster steiger-47-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steiger


    Beer coaster steiger-48-small.jpg
  • Brewery Steiger


    Beer coaster steiger-49-small.jpg


This web was originally created to arrange my personal beer coasters collection. In these days is main website function in simplication of beer coasters exchange with other collectors.


I wanna find other beer coasters (beer mats) collectors thanks to the combination of Google and my website and therefore enlarge my collection not just for abroad coasters, but also for Czech export beer coasters.


I would like to share information about the beer coasters - country of origin, brewery, city ... - with other collectors to help them with organization of their collections.

You can find large beer coasters images here - the resolution is more than (1000*1000)px - there are also pictures of my coasters for exchange, links to other collectors or new beer coasters in my collection. Do you miss something on the website? Write me!!!

Storage my beer coasters collection

My beer coasters collection is put into drawers and boxes from sweets. I have tried to store my coasters into boxes from paper in recent years. There is easy to get these boxes, but there are not very appropriate to beer coasters storage, becasue they are too small.

My beer coasters collection is sort by name of state > city > brewery and also by the coaster’s shape – circle, square, oval or other...

History of beer coasters (beer mats)...

Beer coasters or also called beer mats were used in the 19th century for the first time by the poor barflies to prevent from the insect (wealthy beer lovers owned porcelain mugs with a top). The first coasters were made of wooden felt. Instead of this material beer coasters (beer mats) was also made of porcelain (mostly before WW2), glass, cork, plastic and nowadays beer coasters (beer mats) are mostly made of paper.

The evolution of brewery in Bohemia

The very first information about brewing in central Europe is from 1088 AD. Brewing was possible for everybody who had necessary instruments, but just in the few following centuries. This is quite an interesting fact because of the future effort to limit making beer for only specific group of people by laws and privileges.
The first important privilege which...

Content of the web

The web pages are about collection of beer coasters (beer mats) and collecting of the beer stuff in general. For the collectors it is possible to choose coasters which I have for exchange or propose me coasters which you do not find on the web.

Coasters are scanned in two sizes at this time. After click on small picture, which is displayed when you are looking for coasters in some brewery, it is shown a picture in full size (older coasters do not have this large pictures so you will see the small picture again). It is also possible to use search field for viewing coasters (it is placed under the main menu of the web).

A section Collectors contains contact to beer coasters (beer mats) collectors, but also to collectors other beer stuffs.
When you click to link News it will be shown list of coasters which was add to collection recently and also list of new coasters to exchange.

Are you colllector of labels or crowns?

Except of the coasters I have also several hundreds of labels and crowns, mostly from abroad, so if you are interested in them write me an email and I can send you list the stuffs or photos.

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