13.04.2022, 01:35:24   EUGENIO BROGGINI  
Hello, I have a collection of more than 3,000 coasters, many from Germany, some from Switzerland, and a few from other European countries... some from Argentina, and editions of Argentine Quilmes beer... I am interested in exchange for empty cigarette packs ,, only the paper and hard packs.. preferably camel brand, and in soft pack all brands of empty packs. Thank you. If you are interested, I can send photos of the coasters, thank you. Cheers.-

Terry Rowden

13.01.2022, 19:45:56   Terry Rowden  
For sale beer coasters from many countries at very reasonable price, £0.20 each.

Ina Ahnefeld

30.12.2021, 23:15:26   Ina Ahnefeld  
Hallo, gebe 2Kartons mit alten-neuen Bierdeckel ab


Robert Baumgartner

19.11.2021, 17:24:19   Robert Baumgartner  
Where can I buy some of the Baumgartner beer coasters. Are they available?


29.08.2021, 10:29:03   Isabel   https://
hello I am a collector from Spain
I am interested in changing
I collect everything from beer and especially coasters
If you are interested, tell me
a greeting

John Karel Fux

07.06.2021, 15:32:50   John Karel Fux  
Excellent collection!


20.02.2021, 05:45:05   Xochil  
Hi I have so many beer coaster that I’m trying to sell maybe I have one that u are looking for send me a message and an offer and maybe quantity cause in some I have 12 others 1 ,2,4 different please let me know


18.05.2020, 09:42:30   Heinz  
The NewQuay Steam is from Redruth (Cornwall, England)
thx a lot!!!


13.05.2020, 20:05:36   Rossi  
Prinz braeu stammt aus Österreich! Oberösterreich Stadt Peuerbach! Es handelt sich hier um ein szenelokal

Remi Ferre

25.04.2020, 18:54:51   Remi Ferre  
I collect beer coasters and labels with chess designs, I can make exchanges and send of other themes and for collection.

Kevin Metzger

25.04.2020, 17:08:32   Kevin Metzger   https://www,
Sie müssen mal meine Brauerei besuchen, Hayeee. Es gibt eine tolle Wahl von Chimpansen Bier und Popelgetränke. Hayeeee
Kevin der Metzger

David Knaub

12.04.2020, 01:36:01   David Knaub  
Ich finde ihre Sammlung sehr amusant
und außerdem bin ich kathole

Sylvia schoch

14.02.2020, 15:27:21   Sylvia schoch  
I am from Brasil anda i have a big coleciona frombeer coastes. I would like to sell it for loa processo,blecaute I dona like to extend my coleciona. I have coastes from all world. Best regards


09.01.2020, 15:23:56   tácky   https://
ve sběratelích máš odkaz na ...... no asi to nejsou tácky
Díky...sběratel asi už s tímto koníčkem skončil... Laďa

Uwe Liedtke

06.08.2019, 12:59:04   Uwe Liedtke  
Ahoi Valdimir,
wir hatten vor Jahren mal kurz Kontakt. Ich stehe bei Dieter in der Liste. Jiri, hatte mit mir Kontakt aufgenommen.
Grüße Uwe

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