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18.09.2010, 00:06:45   jakub  
ahoj jmenuji se jakub a chtěl bych vyměnit mou sbirku pivnich tácků 1300 za přiměřený počet plechových odznáčků s různou tematikou. velikost 5cm!


04.09.2010, 12:56:08   Jenia  
i have 650 costers to sell

i`m from israel


30.08.2010, 10:51:26   Oleg  
I can offer beer cans, beer mats, caps, labels from Russia.

I need beer labels.


S. Mahmud

28.08.2010, 08:09:14   S. Mahmud  
Hi, Do you want Bangladeshi
Beer item. just mail me for buy.
Dr. Masuma,


19.08.2010, 05:39:50   Christian  
Hello collectors,
My name is Christian, I live in São Paulo (Brazil). Brasil Chapter #226 and ACCCA (Chile) #004
I have some beercoasters from breweries and microbreweries from Brazil and Latin America to sell.
If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the images.
More informations, write to:
See ya, Christian


15.08.2010, 22:11:24   Alina
Hi friends, I would like to visit next month the Praha Meeting. Is there anybody can tell me if this Meeting is a good Meeting for crown cap collector???? It would be my first time in Praha.
Is there any collector who wants to trade with me some crown caps???
Regards Alina
Hi Alina, I am not going to Prague, but try to put your message into server which is specialized for crown caps or try to write an email to or Lada

Mircea Ivanov

12.08.2010, 23:01:59   Mircea Ivanov  
offer beer coaster

Kat Salazar

07.08.2010, 23:08:39   Kat Salazar  
I have 11 Patrizier Brau coasters with slight yellowed patina(round with orange circle border and crest at top and Blue writing at bottom that says, "Patrizier Brau. Des Lebens Suffige Wurze")
What might they be worth and if someone is interested, please contact me.
Hello, sorry, i have no idea, try to ask guys from Lada

Kamila H.

06.08.2010, 17:31:00   Kamila H.
Zdravím :)
Našla jsem doma několik pivních tácků, možná by měl někdo zájem. Stačí napsat na mail. Mrkněte na odkaz, jsou tam fotky:

Karoly Focze

05.08.2010, 17:36:44   Karoly Focze
Hello Collector Friend !
I have collector from Hungary,and I like swap with you.I collect the coasters,crowncaps,beerlabels and aluminio botellas too.If you are interested in swap with me,please write answer.
Rgards, Karoly( Charlie )

salah abraheem

04.07.2010, 13:05:14   salah abraheem   http:// mom
Thank mcuh
I from iraq arabic country .
I have beer coasters and labels and caps for sell I have mush Different . oki
I have iraq and arabic and asia and africa coasters and labels and caps .
let me now

Pat Engelhardt

02.07.2010, 22:25:46   Pat Engelhardt  
I am interested in knowing how to locate Engelhardt beer or anyone originally linked with the family. Thank you.
If you are interesting in german breweries you can try to look on where is large database of many collectors. I hope that someone of them will probably able to help you.


12.04.2010, 23:25:29   Karlos  
Dobrý den,mám mám asi 500 podtácků z celého světa ještě po dědovi když cestoval za obchodem. Existují nějaké desky nebo šanony na podtácky? Jak je ukládáte? Kde se dají sehnat? Prosím odpoveď na email.Děkuji

David Foster

09.04.2010, 04:05:31   David Foster  
I collect and trade beer bottle labels. I live in the USA>>

Terry Rowden

07.04.2010, 13:52:00   Terry Rowden  
As well as having UK beermats for sale I also have many UK & European for exchange.


06.04.2010, 23:11:40   Tautvydas  
Hello friends collectors,
I have lots of braveriana from Eastern Europe,esspecialy from Lithuania. I am collecting beer caps.Anybady who are intresting in labbels,coasters, cans or glass and have crown caps please write me

Tatu Sylvester Njukang

04.04.2010, 10:37:20   Tatu Sylvester Njukang  
hello all,
i have Cameroon Beer coasters for sale and beer labels. i live in Cameroon.
do contact me if you need any.

Scott Corlett

08.03.2010, 03:39:27   Scott Corlett  
Just interested about collecting coasters and meeting other collectors!

Any information you can provide would be great!

Thank-you! Scott

Laurens Alvarado Hidalgo

07.02.2010, 06:30:09   Laurens Alvarado Hidalgo  
I have Costa Rican beer coasters to exchange...I offer over 100 of 4 designs for stamps (which I collect).

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