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Doris Rozas

18.12.2010, 20:41:48   Doris Rozas  
Visited your brewry in 2008. Way a very enjoyable vacation.


05.12.2010, 15:39:34   Janek   http://not
I am interested hotel key cards. In exchange I can send beermats, beercoaster and other


27.11.2010, 22:24:31   VERIDIANO ERBS  
Hello, I have many coaster for sale, go to my face book.


16.11.2010, 16:44:13   steven  
I am currently slimming down my stuff in preperation for a move and I want to offer my coaster collection to who ever wants it and is willing to pay for postage to get to you


14.11.2010, 23:18:06   aljosa  
i like to fin some coaster club. I am from SLOVENIA

Terry Rowden

04.11.2010, 13:51:18   Terry Rowden  
I have a large amount of UK beermats to exchange or for sale, please email for details.

Mircea Ivanov

16.10.2010, 22:04:17   Mircea Ivanov

Charles Holderfield

15.10.2010, 04:21:16   Charles Holderfield  
I think it is the best bier in Germany.


12.10.2010, 20:25:04   Tomáš  
Dobrý den, chtěl bych se zeptat za co měníte tácky, konkrétně tácky z pivovaru Rakovník

Oleg Ionov

09.10.2010, 14:21:38   Oleg Ionov

I'm coasters collector from Russia.
My collection is on my site.
I'm ready for exchange. Also I have some labels for exchange.

Gladstone Duarte

25.09.2010, 13:06:04   Gladstone Duarte  
Hi collectors
I´m Brasilian, and collect beers labels. Write me.

Doc bowshier

22.09.2010, 05:37:24   Doc bowshier  
Just started researching my coaters; all are from the 1950's and from Germany/Austria


18.09.2010, 00:06:45   jakub  
ahoj jmenuji se jakub a chtěl bych vyměnit mou sbirku pivnich tácků 1300 za přiměřený počet plechových odznáčků s různou tematikou. velikost 5cm!


04.09.2010, 12:56:08   Jenia  
i have 650 costers to sell

i`m from israel


30.08.2010, 10:51:26   Oleg  
I can offer beer cans, beer mats, caps, labels from Russia.

I need beer labels.


S. Mahmud

28.08.2010, 08:09:14   S. Mahmud  
Hi, Do you want Bangladeshi
Beer item. just mail me for buy.
Dr. Masuma,


19.08.2010, 05:39:50   Christian  
Hello collectors,
My name is Christian, I live in São Paulo (Brazil). Brasil Chapter #226 and ACCCA (Chile) #004
I have some beercoasters from breweries and microbreweries from Brazil and Latin America to sell.
If you are interested, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the images.
More informations, write to:
See ya, Christian


15.08.2010, 22:11:24   Alina
Hi friends, I would like to visit next month the Praha Meeting. Is there anybody can tell me if this Meeting is a good Meeting for crown cap collector???? It would be my first time in Praha.
Is there any collector who wants to trade with me some crown caps???
Regards Alina
Hi Alina, I am not going to Prague, but try to put your message into server which is specialized for crown caps or try to write an email to or Lada

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