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Dan Engelhardt

24.09.2013, 03:14:00   Dan Engelhardt  
Interested in signage and other Engelhardt Brewery items

sarath Gamage

09.09.2013, 07:39:39   sarath Gamage  
Dear Vladimir,
I am a keen collector of breweina from all over the world.I was working for Three breweries in Srilanka as a Quality Assurance,Production and Brewery Manager over 19 years and I was able to access for many brewery items including Coasters and many others.One of my srticle 'Brewing History in Srilanka' was published in the Institute of Brewer and Distiller,UK, June issue and if you are interested I can forward a copy which I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.Look forward to hear from you soon.


16.08.2013, 16:30:59   Martin
I have a 20 year old cans of juice and beer. I do not collect it. Has anyone from the EU would be ready to change to something else.

Robert Parker

16.08.2013, 01:04:07   Robert Parker  
I collect worldwide, have lots of mats and am interested in exchanging.

Eduard Feix

24.06.2013, 20:44:53   Eduard Feix  
Dobrý večer,nový tácek Karla VI.Mám doma.Ještě jsem sehnal tácek od Sokolovskýho Permona.

Eduard Feix

24.06.2013, 11:18:40   Eduard Feix  
Sbírka se mi líbila.Máte ji pěkně přehlednou.
Unás v Ivanovo Varech vaří zase Karla,Dnes jdu omrknout tácky.
Ahoj Eda.


22.06.2013, 01:21:40   BERNARDO CARVALHO
Hi, I have some coasters from portugal to exchande with you, and im intrested in this one. Thanks - ery-Crailsheimer%20Engel-Brau.html?ppns=30 -

Emmanuel Bonsie

15.06.2013, 18:20:51   Emmanuel Bonsie  
I am from Ghana. I have beer coasters from around the world for sale.

Barbara Luck

21.05.2013, 04:45:49   Barbara Luck  
I am looking for anything with the name Luck or Liick umlauted u. Since it is our last name any help would be appreciated

mary bell

04.05.2013, 10:06:48   mary bell  
sell africa countries brewerian items, coins, banknotes, phonecards, postcards, stamps/ others collectors items.


24.04.2013, 22:45:23   Tbeer   http://kk - a -


24.04.2013, 22:43:12   Tbeer   http://KK
Mám na výmenu pivné tácky zahraničné.
Vymením ich za Slovenské a České pivovary.
Teším sa na prípadnú výmenu.
Voči veľkým zberateľom nemám šancu urobiť výmenu zo Slovenskými a Českými táckami.

I have to replace a foreign beer coasters.
I exchange them for Slovak and Czech breweries.
I look forward to a possible replacement.
Link: - a -


04.04.2013, 09:21:23   UWE  
Hallo !
Ich habe einige alte CSSR-Deckel.


30.03.2013, 12:04:40   Jonathan   http://
Well done for your website. I have recently starting collecting beer coaster and I am looking at the best way to display/ organise them. Can you suggest something from your experience?
Thank you.
well... I put the coasters sorted by the country, region, city brewery and the shape (as well as on the website) inside the paper boxes. Some czech collectors are putting the coasters into plastic boxes from hobbies shops (OBI, Mountfield, ...) or in the office folders. I wish you great success in the collecting!!! Lada

Paul Rechenberg

21.03.2013, 20:17:00   Paul Rechenberg  
Looking for Rechenberg beer coasters. Please advise

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